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顔文字 (かおもじ) パック


[Features]- This app is a collection of popular emoticons and emojis to use at your convenience.
- Emoticons and emojis are distinct categories.
- If you turn on automatic update, the emoticon and emoji collections will be refreshed automatically.
- Update will start from the least used ones.
- If you hold down on a emoticon you like, there will be many options using that emoticon.
- Launch from either the Home Button or the Notification Bar.
- You can also directly input these emoticons from the Mushroom or ATOK Direct keyboard add-on.
- Used emoticons and emojis will be saved into "History." Hold down on them to erase.
[How to Use]
1. Tap the emoticon or emoji, and it will copy to your clipboard.
2. When you want to use it in another app, just hold down your finger and paste.
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